Julio and his family

Dear Friends,

Having recently completed my first year as City Council President, I can assure you that I want to continue the strides we have made in moving Allentown forward. We have made many tough decisions on council, including passing a fiscally responsible budget that still provides the vital services necessary to our residents.

I have been a member of City Council for 12 years, and my commitment to serving my community is strong. Our city is growing and includes more cultural diversity than ever before. Our differences are our strengths. We all bring different backgrounds and experience to our neighborhoods, and by working together we make our community united and strong to achieve great things.

The redevelopment of our urban core, led by the construction of our Arena is bringing jobs back to Allentown. Once complete, our City will be a model on how to proceed with proper urban revitalization.

Please feel free to browse around the site and ask any questions you may have. Exciting things are happening in Allentown, and I look forward to serving you as City Council President as we all work together for a proud Allentown, a better Allentown, and one Allentown for all. Thanks again for your time and careful consideration.

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